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Encounter the first LED Screen in Mandalay---from Sino-Colour

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   Encounter the first LED Screen in Mandalay---from Sino-Colour


Mandalay, famous former capital, the second largest city in Myanmar, has a population of more than 800,000, is one of Burma’s political, economic and cultural center. Mandalay was named after the Mandalay mountain, its meaning in Pali language is the city of stupa”。Most of the buildings were destroyed in the second world war, only remaining the ancient imperial city and towers.


The city now has Da Flynn castle, the Forbidden City, temples, and ancient relics such as the British government building. 

Due to the changes of world economy, Mandalay is also changing quietly, a series of economic construction projects are underway or to be underway. For example:Japan’s three biggest banks collected investment together to construct Special economic zones, Asian bank loaned the Burmese government to build roads, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited Burma and had bilateral talks with Burma's President to promote the economic development.  

Under the impetus of the economic development trend in Myanmar, P10 outdoor LED display produced by Sino-Colour is the product of rapid economic development. There are total 85M2 for this P10 project, it is so far the biggest LED display in Mandalay,  used SMD 3 in 1 lamps, and having IP65 protection grade, it is antiflaming, antifogging, humidity-resisting, and heat shielding,designed for wall-weather usage. In addition, it has perfect image quality! 


Sino-Colour is dedicated to becoming the best LED display solution provider in LED industry!  Products with high quality and cost effectiveness are the foundations which help Sino-Colour leading in LED industry for ten years. The best solution and excellent service are trump cards to attract clients, your concern is our concern!

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